Pahlavi Crown,National Jewelery of Iran
The Daria-e Noor (Sea of Light) Diamond
Jeweled Dish Cover-National Jewelery of Iran
The Tavoos or sun Throne
The Naderi Throne
Kore javaher, National Jewelery of Iran
Sword - Coronation, National Jewelery of Iran
Decorate kings hat (Jege Naderi)
Nader Shah Shield
Precision is our specialty...


The main mission of the center is developing professional gemological activity in Iran. Going this way, the center opened its door for all worldwide scientists, professional gemologist and dealers to communicate and share their experience. At the same time, the center tries to set international labs and standards as a base for developing gemological activities.


Research activities

GC offered MSc in Geogemology as of the new branches for school and its need final approval by Ministry of Science Research and Technology of Iran. However, Petrology and economic geology students are covering the subjects, So far 5 students graduated with gemology subjects and 3 MSc and 3 PhD students are doing their degree with gemology subjects.


Gemology lab and technical facilities

Gemology lab with advance equipments like Raman Spectroscopy and Optical equipments is now running.  Access to University Central Lab with facilities like SEM, FTR and XRD is also possible easily by researchers.


Joint meeting of the Head of the Gemology Center of Shahid Beheshti University with professor Jerard Panzer member of University of Lyon. 
Donation of artwork with the turquoise theme by dear artist Azadeh Yaghoubpour to Faculty of Earth Sciences. link



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Prof. Fariborz Masoudi